Cawnpur (ˌkɔːnˈpʊə)

/ (ˌkɔːnˈpɔː) /

  1. the former name of Kanpur

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How to use Cawnpore in a sentence

  • In the tear-stained story of humanity there has never been aught to surpass the thrilling record of Cawnpore.

    The Red Year | Louis Tracy
  • In a paroxysm of rage and fear, he gave the final order, and the Well of Cawnpore thereby attained its ghastly immortality.

    The Red Year | Louis Tracy
  • It was one of these rebel detachments that passed the four fugitives from Cawnpore on the outskirts of Bunnee.

    The Red Year | Louis Tracy
  • Not only were his despatches lost, but he was mistaken in believing that the Cawnpore garrison was overpowered.

    The Red Year | Louis Tracy
  • Native rumors had brought the news of the massacre at Cawnpore, though the ghastly tragedy of the Well was yet to come.

    The Red Year | Louis Tracy