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[key-yoo-guh, kahy-]
noun, plural Ca·yu·gas, (especially collectively) Ca·yu·ga.
  1. a member of a tribe of North American Indians, the smallest tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy.
  2. the dialect of the Seneca language spoken by the Cayuga.
  3. Also called Cayuga duck. one of an American breed of domestic ducks having black plumage.
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Origin of Cayuga

1735–45, Americanism; < Cayuga *kayo·kwę, name of a 17th-century village; compare Cayuga kayokwęhó˙nǫʔ Cayuga (people) (or < a related form in another N Iroquoian language)
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Historical Examples of cayuga

  • She was launched at the mouth of Cayuga Creek in the Niagara peninsula in 1679.

    All Afloat

    William Wood

  • They formed in a stately line of battle, headed by the "Cayuga."

  • An hour and a quarter had elapsed from the time that the Cayuga passed the obstructions.

  • The Cayuga chiefs were already on the way to meet in council with the Onondagas.

  • The spokesman was the redoubtable Cayuga chief, named Saonchiowaga.

British Dictionary definitions for cayuga


  1. plural -gas or -ga a member of a Native American people (one of the Iroquois peoples) formerly living around Cayuga Lake
  2. the language of this people, belonging to the Iroquoian family
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