US centimeter

/ (ˈsɛntɪˌmiːtə) /

  1. one hundredth of a metre

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How to use centimetre in a sentence

  • Distribute the crumbs in sterile Erlenmeyer flasks, sufficient to form a layer about one centimetre thick over the bottom of each.

  • Limit of allowable rate of twist in round numbers is, one-third turn per centimetre, in a fibre 0.01 cm.

    On Laboratory Arts | Richard Threlfall
  • Now every centimetre contains the bacteria washed out from 0.1 gramme of the original food.

  • One cubic centimetre of the turbid broth contains the washings from 0.1 gramme of soil.

  • It was not until Thursday night, however, that the Germans brought their famous forty-two- centimetre guns into action.

    Fighting in Flanders | E. Alexander Powell