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[shal-yuh-moh; French sha-ly-moh]
noun, plural chal·u·meaux [shal-yuh-mohz, French sha-ly-moh] /ˌʃæl yəˈmoʊz, French ʃa lüˈmoʊ/.
  1. Music. the low register of the clarinet.
  2. a 17th- or 18th-century woodwind instrument.
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Origin of chalumeau

1705–15; < French: orig., flute made from a reed, stem of a reed; Old French chalemel < Late Latin calamellus narrow reed; see calamus, -elle
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Historical Examples

  • Calumet in general signifies a pipe, being a Norman word, derived from chalumeau.

    The Conquest of Canada (Vol. 1 of 2)

    George Warburton

  • Madame Chalumeau's face, glossy and red-and-white like a Norman apple, wore an expression of anxious expectation.

    The Halo

    Bettina von Hutten

  • Madame Chalumeau flopped her omelet again, slid it to a platter and set a carafe of cider on the table.

    The Halo

    Bettina von Hutten

  • Madame Chalumeau had risen, and had led her guest through the sitting-room into her immaculate kitchen.

    The Halo

    Bettina von Hutten

  • Calumet is an Old Norman word for chalumeau, reed, pipe, a diminutive from Lat.