generous in donations or gifts to relieve the needs of indigent, ill, or helpless persons, or of animals: a charitable man giving much money to feed the poor.
kindly or lenient in judging people, acts, etc.: charitable in his opinions of others.
pertaining to or concerned with charity: a charitable institution.

Origin of charitable

1300–50; Middle English < Old French, equivalent to charit(e) charity + -able -able
Related formschar·i·ta·ble·ness, nounchar·i·ta·bly, adverbnon·char·i·ta·ble, adjectivenon·char·i·ta·ble·ness, nounnon·char·i·ta·bly, adverbo·ver·char·i·ta·ble, adjectiveo·ver·char·i·ta·ble·ness, nouno·ver·char·i·ta·bly, adverbpseu·do·char·i·ta·ble, adjectivepseu·do·char·i·ta·bly, adverbqua·si-char·i·ta·ble, adjectivequa·si-char·i·ta·bly, adverb

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1. See generous.

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  • I am charitable enough to hope that this gratified her more than it vexed me, which was not at all.

    In the Valley

    Harold Frederic

  • I tried to be charitable, to relieve poverty, but they say there is no poverty to be relieved.

  • The duchess only survived Fox a year; she died in 1806, beloved, charitable, penitent.

  • She was interested in all church duties 252 and in all charitable enterprises.

    A Singer from the Sea

    Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

  • It is true, there is infinite pleasure in this charitable pursuit.

    The Contrast

    Royall Tyler

British Dictionary definitions for charitable



generous in giving to the needy
kind or lenient in one's attitude towards others
concerned with or involving charity
Derived Formscharitableness, nouncharitably, adverb
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Word Origin and History for charitable

c.1200, in reference to the Christian virtue, from Old French charitable, from charité (see charity). Meaning "liberal in treatment of the poor" is from c.1400; that of "inclined to impute favorable motives to others" is from 1620s. Related: Charitableness; charitably.

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