chew out

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(tr, adverb) informal, mainly US and Canadian to reprimand
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How to use chew out in a sentence

  • I told 'em to stand aside until I went in and had my rag-chew out with you.

  • "They lost the vein here and had to chew out some rock to find it again," Rick pointed out.

    The Blue Ghost Mystery|Harold Leland Goodwin
  • With the pliers he tore at the side of the box and managed to chew out a piece of the thin aluminum.

    The Scarlet Lake Mystery|Harold Leland Goodwin
  • Chew out an explanation, my friend, or you're liable to get spoiled.

    A Texas Ranger|William MacLeod Raine

Other Idioms and Phrases with chew out

chew out

Scold harshly, as in Dad will chew you out for taking the car without permission. Originating in the military, this slangy term began to be used during World War I and soon spread to civilian life. Several vulgar versions, such as chew someone's ass out, should be avoided in polite speech. Also see eat out, def. 2.

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