[ kris-uh-kol-uh ]

  1. a mineral, hydrous copper silicate, CuSiO3⋅2H2O, occurring in compact, green or blue masses, sometimes used in ornaments.

Origin of chrysocolla

1590–1600; <Latin chrȳsocolla<Greek chrȳsókolla gold solder, equivalent to chrȳso-chryso- + kólla glue (cf. collage)

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How to use chrysocolla in a sentence

  • By chrysocolla of the ancients is generally understood borax, which cannot however be meant in this passage.

  • Tinctum chrysocolla—partly the modern mineral of that name and partly malachite.

    De Re Metallica | Georgius Agricola
  • He gives the same minerals as Dioscorides, but is a good deal confused over chrysocolla and chalcitis.

    De Re Metallica | Georgius Agricola
  • At Neusohl in the Carpathians, green water flowing from an ancient tunnel wears away this chrysocolla with it.

    De Re Metallica | Georgius Agricola
  • This description of its occurrence would apply equally well to modern chrysocolla or to malachite.

    De Re Metallica | Georgius Agricola