or Chuch·chi, Chuck·chi, Chuk·chee

[ chook-chee ]

noun,plural Chuk·chis, (especially collectively) Chuk·chi for 1.
  1. a member of a Paleo-Asiatic people of northeastern Siberia.

  2. the Chukotian language of the Chukchi people, noted for having different pronunciations for men and women.

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How to use Chukchi in a sentence

  • Chukchi women are often tattooed with two black-blue convex lines running from the eye to the chin.

  • Even the sailors struggled with the Chukchi vocabulary, and tried to teach their savage friends Swedish.

    From Pole to Pole | Sven Anders Hedin
  • One day at the end of February a Chukchi who had lost his way came on board, carrying a dog by the hind legs.

    From Pole to Pole | Sven Anders Hedin
  • All the men on the Vega, except the cook, hastened on deck to look at these unexpected visitors of Chukchi race.

    From Pole to Pole | Sven Anders Hedin
  • One of the officers learned to speak Chukchi fluently, and compiled a dictionary of this peculiar language.

    From Pole to Pole | Sven Anders Hedin

British Dictionary definitions for Chukchi



/ (ˈtʃʊktʃɪ) /

  1. plural -chi, -chis, -chee or -chees a member of a people of the Chukchi Peninsula

  2. the language of this people, related only to some of the smaller aboriginal languages of Siberia

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