[ singk-cher ]
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  1. a belt or girdle.

  2. something that surrounds or encompasses as a girdle does; a surrounding border: The midnight sky had a cincture of stars.

  1. (on a classical column) a fillet at either end of a shaft, especially one at the lower end.: Compare orle (def. 3b).

  2. the act of girding or encompassing.

verb (used with object),cinc·tured, cinc·tur·ing.
  1. to gird with or as if with a cincture; encircle; encompass.

Origin of cincture

<Latin cinctūra, equivalent to cinct(us) (cinc-, variant stem of cingere to gird, cinch1 + -tus past participle suffix) + -ūra-ure

Other words from cincture

  • un·cinc·tured, adjective

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How to use cincture in a sentence

  • It stands in marked contrast with the of the valiant Lycians, whose short and spare tunic required no cincture to confine it.

  • He stood unarmed, except for the knife and war-axe swinging from crimson-beaded sheaths at his cincture.

    The Little Red Foot | Robert W. Chambers
  • Their only covering was a cincture or apron of green leaves; they were gaily painted, some one colour and some another.

  • He knotted the cincture around his middle and thrust his hands into the pockets, turning to me for approval.

  • The shore line drew a cincture of pines across the broad base, where it faded unreal into the mist.

    Mount Rainier | Various

British Dictionary definitions for cincture


/ (ˈsɪŋktʃə) /

  1. something that encircles or surrounds, esp a belt, girdle, or border

Origin of cincture

C16: from Latin cinctūra, from cingere to gird

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