[ klav-i-kuhl ]
/ ˈklæv ɪ kəl /

noun Anatomy, Zoology.

a bone of the pectoral arch.
(in humans) either of two slender bones, each articulating with the sternum and a scapula and forming the anterior part of a shoulder; collarbone.

Origin of clavicle

1605–15; <Medieval Latin clāvicula collarbone, Latin: tendril, door-bolt, little key, equivalent to clāvi(s) key + -cula-cule1


cla·vic·u·lar [kluh-vik-yuh-ler], /kləˈvɪk yə lər/, adjectivecla·vic·u·late [kluh-vik-yuh-leyt], /kləˈvɪk yəˌleɪt/, adjectivesub·cla·vic·u·lar, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020

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British Dictionary definitions for clavicle

/ (ˈklævɪkəl) /


either of the two bones connecting the shoulder blades with the upper part of the breastboneNontechnical name: collarbone
the corresponding structure in other vertebrates

Derived forms of clavicle

clavicular (kləˈvɪkjʊlə), adjectiveclaviculate (kləˈvɪkjʊˌleɪt), adjective

Word Origin for clavicle

C17: from Medieval Latin clāvicula, from Latin clāvis key
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Medical definitions for clavicle

[ klăvĭ-kəl ]


Either of two slender bones that extend from the manubrium of the sternum to the acromion of the scapula.collarbone

Other words from clavicle

cla•vicu•lar (klə-vĭkyə-lər) adj.cla•vicu•late′ (-lāt′) adj.
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Scientific definitions for clavicle

[ klăvĭ-kəl ]

Either of two slender bones that extend from the upper part of the sternum (breastbone) to the shoulder. Also called collarbone
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