[ nuh-vik-yuh-ler ]
/ nəˈvɪk yə lər /


boat-shaped, as certain bones.


Also na·vic·u·lar·e [nuh-vik-yuh-lair-ee, -lahr-ee] /nəˌvɪk yəˈlɛər i, -ˈlɑr i/. the bone at the radial end of the proximal row of the bones of the carpus.
the bone in front of the talus on the inner side of the foot.

Origin of navicular

1535–45; < Late Latin nāviculāris of, relating to shipping, equivalent to Latin nāvicul(a) a small ship (nāvi(s) ship + -cula -cule1;) + -āris -ar1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for navicular


/ anatomy /

adjective (nəˈvɪkjʊlə)

shaped like a boat

noun Also: naviculare (nəˌvɪkjʊˈlɑːrɪ)

a small boat-shaped bone of the wrist or foot

Word Origin for navicular

C16: from Late Latin nāviculāris, from Latin nāvicula, diminutive of nāvis ship
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Medicine definitions for navicular


[ nə-vĭkyə-lər ]


A comma-shaped bone of the wrist that is located in the first row of carpals.
A concave bone of the foot, located between the talus and the metatarsals.scaphoid


Shaped like a boat.
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