n. pl. col•la (kŏlə)

The part of the body between the shoulders or thorax and the head; neck.
The constricted or necklike portion of an anatomical structure.cervix

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Historical Examples of collum

  • Collum and pa-heaceful be my sa-leepRo-hocked in the cra-hadle of the da-heep!

    Cobb's Bill-of-Fare

    Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb

  • Isn't that a pretty speech for a young man like him—only twenty-seven—Mrs. Collum?

  • Mrs. Collum groaned, and looked at her daughter reproachfully.

  • Mrs. Collum fixed her eyes on Leander, as he sat cowering on her right.

  • I won't sit by and hear poor dear Miss Collum deceived in this way.