colour sergeant

  1. a sergeant who carries the regimental, battalion, or national colours, as in a colour guard

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How to use colour sergeant in a sentence

  • It fell to the 72nd, Colour-Sergeant Yule3 of that regiment being the foremost man on the top.

    Forty-one years in India | Frederick Sleigh Roberts
  • A colour-sergeant, springing forward, rushed up the steep sides of a sand-hill, and planted his flag upon its snowy ridge.

    The Rifle Rangers | Captain Mayne Reid
  • And the colour-sergeant put it all down in the big book without the ghost of a smile.

    In the Foreign Legion | Erwin Rosen
  • When he is specially talented he may become a sergeant but hardly ever reaches the rank of colour-sergeant.

    In the Foreign Legion | Erwin Rosen
  • Once the colour-sergeant was away, and it was suggested we should go to the open-air meeting without the Flag.