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  1. a person or thing that crops.
  2. a person who raises a crop.
  3. a person who cultivates land for its owner in return for part of the crop; sharecropper.
  4. a plant that furnishes a crop.
  5. a cloth-shearing machine.
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  1. come a cropper, Informal.
    1. to fail; be struck by some misfortune: His big deal came a cropper.
    2. to fall headlong, especially from a horse.
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Origin of cropper

First recorded in 1475–85; crop + -er1
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British Dictionary definitions for come a cropper


  1. a person who cultivates or harvests a crop
    1. a cutting machine for removing the heads from castings and ingots
    2. a guillotine for cutting lengths of bar or strip
  2. a machine for shearing the nap from cloth
  3. a plant or breed of plant that will produce a certain kind of crop under specified conditionsa poor cropper on light land
  4. (often capital) a variety of domestic pigeon with a puffed-out crop
  5. come a cropper informal
    1. to fall heavily
    2. to fail completely
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