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Please enter, as in Come on in, the door's open. This phrase is simply a friendly request to enter one's house or some other place. The related come on in, the water's fine originated as an encouragement (or, sometimes, a command) to a reluctant or fearful swimmer but has been extended to other activities, as in Come on in, the water's fine—this is a great office to work in!

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What does come on in mean?

Come on in is a polite way of inviting someone to enter a place, such as one’s home or office.

As a request or command, it means the same thing as come in, but it typically sounds a bit friendlier. It’s often spoken along with a gesture to welcome someone inside.

Example: We’re so glad you made it! Come on in!

Where does come on in come from?

The phrase come on in started to grow in popularity around the 1910s. The phrase come in can mean the same thing. The word on is used in a similar way in the phrase come on down, which is in an informal way to invite someone to a place (not necessarily one that’s in a downward direction), as in Come on down to our store for the lowest prices of the season!

While the tone of the phrase come in can vary depending on how it’s said, come on in is usually intended to be welcoming. When you arrive at someone’s home, they might welcome you by saying, “Come on in and make yourself at home.” When you arrive at someone’s office for an appointment, they might say, “Come on in and have a seat.” Though come on in is more often spoken than written, you might see it on signs in storefront windows that say, “Come on in—we’re open!”

The related phrase come on in, the water’s fine is used in a literal way to encourage someone to enter the water, but it’s often extended in a figurative way to encourage other hesitant people to join an activity.

The phrase come on is different. It can have several meanings, but it’s perhaps most commonly used as a command to hurry up.

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How is come on in used in real life?

Come on in is more often spoken than written. It’s typically said in a welcoming way.



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A. get over here
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