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[adjective, verb kon-keyv, kon-keyv; noun kon-keyv]
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  1. curved like a segment of the interior of a circle or hollow sphere; hollow and curved.Compare convex(def 1).
  2. Geometry. (of a polygon) having at least one interior angle greater than 180°.
  3. Obsolete. hollow.
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  1. a concave surface, part, line, or thing.
  2. Machinery. a concave piece, as one against which a drum rotates.
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verb (used with object), con·caved, con·cav·ing.
  1. to make concave.
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Origin of concave

1375–1425; late Middle English (< Middle French) < Latin concavus, hollow. See con-, cave
Related formscon·cave·ly, adverbcon·cave·ness, nounsub·con·cave, adjectivesub·con·cave·ly, adverbsub·con·cave·ness, noun
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Related Words for concaving

swerve, veer, bulge, buckle, spiral, crumple, twist, bend, coil, curl, skew, loop, unearth, search, shovel, drill, dredge, discover, penetrate, exhume

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Historical Examples of concaving

  • As a rule, strongly "cupped" soles require no concaving (hind hoofs, narrow fore hoofs).

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

    United States Department of Agriculture

British Dictionary definitions for concaving


  1. curving inwards
  2. physics having one or two surfaces curved or ground in the shape of a section of the interior of a sphere, paraboloid, etca concave lens
  3. maths (of a polygon) containing an interior angle greater than 180°
  4. an obsolete word for hollow
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  1. (tr) to make concave
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Compare convex
Derived Formsconcavely, adverbconcaveness, noun

Word Origin for concave

C15: from Latin concavus arched, from cavus hollow
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Word Origin and History for concaving



early 15c., from Old French concave (14c.) or directly from Latin concavus "hollow, arched, vaulted, curved," from com-, intensive prefix (see com-), + cavus "hollow" (see cave (n.)).

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concaving in Medicine


(kŏn-kāv, kŏnkāv′)
  1. Curved like the inner surface of a sphere.
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  1. A concave surface, structure, or line.
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concaving in Science


  1. Curved inward, like the inside of a circle or sphere.
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