[ kon-far-ee-ey-shuhn ]

  1. (among the ancient Romans) a form of marriage ceremony, limited to patricians and obligatory for holders of certain ritual offices, marked by the offering of a cake.

Origin of confarreation

1590–1600; <Latin confarreātiōn- (stem of confarreātiō) equivalent to confarreā(re) to contract such a marriage (con-con- + -farreāre, verbal derivative of farreum cake made of emmer, derivative of far emmer; see barley1) + -tiōn--tion

Other words from confarreation

  • con·far·re·ate [kuhn-far-ee-it, -eyt], /kənˈfær i ɪt, -ˌeɪt/, con·far·re·at·ed, adjective

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