[ kawn-tes-sah; English kuh n-tes-uh ]
/ kɔnˈtɛs sɑ; English kənˈtɛs ə /

noun, plural con·tes·se [kawn-tes-se] /kɔnˈtɛs sɛ/, English con·tes·sas. Italian.

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Examples from the Web for contesse

  • Haward lifted his head, and as Contesse passed him to set down the cup, caught him by the sleeve.

    Audrey|Mary Johnston
  • Best consult Dr. Contesse, though indeed he himself had a preventive of fever which never failed.

    Audrey|Mary Johnston

Word Origin and History for contesse



1819, from Italian contessa, from Medieval Latin cometissa (see countess).

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