[ koh-per-nis-ee-uhm ]

nounChemistry, Physics.
  1. a superheavy, synthetic, radioactive element with a very short half-life. Symbol: Cn; atomic number: 112.

Origin of copernicium

First recorded in 1005–10; named after Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.
  • Formerly un·un·bi·um [uh-nuhn-bee-uhm], /əˈnʌn bi əm/, el·e·ment 112 .

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Scientific definitions for copernicium


[ kō′pər-nēsē-əm ]

  1. Symbol Cn A synthetic radioactive element that has only been produced in trace amounts. The most stable isotope has a mass number of 285 and a half-life of about 34 seconds. Atomic number 112. See Periodic Table.

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