adjective, crank·i·er, crank·i·est.

ill-tempered; grouchy; cross: I'm always cranky when I don't get enough sleep.
eccentric; queer.
shaky; unsteady; out of order.
full of bends or windings; crooked.
British Dialect. sickly; in unsound or feeble condition; infirm.

Origin of cranky

First recorded in 1780–90; crank1 + -y1
Related formscrank·i·ly, adverbcrank·i·ness, noun

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  • The test of "crankiness," then, lies in the adequacy of the advantage reaped.

    International Language

    Walter J. Clark

  • Even Uncle Aaron lost some of his crankiness and seemed at times to be “almost human.”

  • He belonged to C Company, and was a man subject to occasional fits of crankiness.

  • But the legends to which my poor old uncle's crankiness have given rise really begin to get upon my brain.

  • For one and a half years prior to admission her "crankiness" is said to have become much worse.

    Benign Stupors

    August Hoch

British Dictionary definitions for crankiness



adjective crankier or crankiest

informal eccentric
mainly US, Canadian and Irish informal fussy and bad-tempered
shaky; out of order
full of bends and turns
dialect unwell
Derived Formscrankily, adverbcrankiness, noun



adjective crankier or crankiest

nautical another word for crank 2
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Word Origin and History for crankiness



"cross-tempered, irritable," 1807, from crank (n.) + -y (2). The evolution would be from earlier senses of crank, e.g. "a twist or fanciful turn of speech" (1590s); "inaccessible hole or crevice" (1560s). Grose's 1787 "Provincial Glossary" has "Cranky. Ailing sickly from the dutch crank, sick." and identifies it as a Northern word. Related: Crankily; crankiness.

Ben. Dang it, don't you spare him--A cross grain'd cranky toad as ever crawl'd. (etc.) [Richard Cumberland, "Lovers Resolutions," Act I, 1813]
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