[ krey-ton ]

  1. a relatively rigid and immobile region of continental portions of the earth's crust.

Origin of craton

1940–45; <German Kraton, based on Greek krátos power; cf. -cracy, -on2

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British Dictionary definitions for craton


/ (ˈkreɪtən) /

  1. geology a stable part of the earth's continental crust or lithosphere that has not been deformed significantly for many millions, even hundreds of millions, of years: See shield (def. 7)

Origin of craton

C20: from Greek kratos strength

Derived forms of craton

  • cratonic (krəˈtɒnɪk), adjective

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Scientific definitions for craton


[ krātŏn′ ]

  1. A large portion of a continental plate that has been relatively undisturbed since the Precambrian era and includes both shield and platform layers.

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