verb (used with object), creased, creas·ing.

to make a crease or creases in or on; wrinkle.
to wound or stun by a furrowing or superficial shot: The bullet merely creased his shoulder.

verb (used without object), creased, creas·ing.

to become creased.

Origin of crease

1400–50; late Middle English creeste, crest, apparently special use of crest
Related formscrease·less, adjectivecreas·er, nounun·creased, adjective

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Examples from the Web for creaseless

Contemporary Examples of creaseless

  • He is short and enthusiastic, with gray hair and the creaseless skin of a middle-aged Californian.

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    Can Daniel Amen Read Your Mind?

    Eliza Shapiro

    December 14, 2012

Historical Examples of creaseless

  • They sat side by side in the long, open car, facing the chauffeur's creaseless back.

    The Roll-Call

    Arnold Bennett

  • Fumbling nervously in the pocket of his creaseless white waistcoat he brought forth a death notice.

    Average Jones

    Samuel Hopkins Adams

  • He slid his hand into the inner pocket of the creaseless morning coat and drew out a note-book and two or three letters.

  • Mr. Pierce sat solid and square, a static force neatly buttoned into a creaseless suit.

    The Clarion

    Samuel Hopkins Adams

  • The pillow-cases and the end of the sheet, which was turned down over the blankets, were clean and creaseless.

    The Helpmate

    May Sinclair

British Dictionary definitions for creaseless




a line or mark produced by folding, pressing, or wrinkling
a wrinkle or furrow, esp on the face
cricket any three lines near each wicket marking positions for the bowler or batsmanSee also bowling crease, popping crease, return crease
ice hockey the small rectangular area in front of each goal cage
Also called: goal crease lacrosse the circular area surrounding the goal


to make or become wrinkled or furrowed
(tr) to graze with a bullet, causing superficial injury
(often foll by up) slang to be or cause to be greatly amused
Derived Formscreaseless, adjectivecreaser, nouncreasy, adjective

Word Origin for crease

C15: from earlier crēst; probably related to Old French cresté wrinkled




a rare spelling of kris
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Word Origin and History for creaseless



1660s, altered from creaste "a ridge," perhaps a variant of crest, via meaning "a fold in a length of cloth" (mid-15c.) which produced a crest. As a verb, from 1580s. Related: Creased; creasing.

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Medicine definitions for creaseless




A line made by folding or wrinkling, as in the skin.
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