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cross hair

or cross·hair

noun Usually cross hairs.
  1. Also called cross wire. one of the fine wires or fibers, strands of spider web, or the like, crossing in a focal plane of an optical instrument to center a target or object or to define a line of sight.
  2. one of the marks that aid in the positioning of overlaying images for correct registration in printing.Compare register(def 11b).
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Historical Examples of cross hair

  • The "radius of measurement" is the distance between the front face of the revolving mirror and the cross-hair of the micrometer.

    Experimental Determination of the Velocity of Light

    Albert A. Michelson

  • Then the screw was turned till the cross-hair bisected the deflected image of the slit.

  • After the cross-hair indicators and the level have been attached to the camera, adjustments are necessary.