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  1. Also cu·boi·dal. resembling a cube in form.
  2. Anatomy. noting or pertaining to the outermost bone of the distal row of tarsal bones.
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  1. Mathematics. a rectangular parallelepiped.
  2. Anatomy. the cuboid bone.
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Origin of cuboid

First recorded in 1700–10, cuboid is from the Greek word kyboeidḗs cubelike. See cube1, -oid
Related formssub·cu·boid, adjectivesub·cu·boi·dal, adjective
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Historical Examples of cuboidal

  • Granite having a cuboidal and rude columnar structure, Land's End, Cornwall.

    A Manual of Elementary Geology

    Charles Lyell.

  • It is lined by an epithelium which here consists of a single layer of columnar 17 or cuboidal cells with large nuclei.

British Dictionary definitions for cuboidal


adjective Also: cuboidal (kjuːˈbɔɪdəl)
  1. shaped like a cube; cubic
  2. of or denoting the cuboid bone
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  1. the cubelike bone of the foot; the outer distal bone of the tarsus
  2. maths a geometric solid whose six faces are rectangles; rectangular parallelepiped
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Word Origin and History for cuboidal



"cube-like," 1829, a modern coinage; see cube (n.) + -oid.

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cuboidal in Medicine


  1. Having the approximate shape of a cube.
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  1. A tarsal bone on the outer side of the foot, articulating in front with the calcaneus and lateral cuneiform, and behind with the fourth and fifth metatarsal bones.
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Related formscu•boidal (kyōō-boidl) adj.
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