/ (kʌfs) /

pl n
  1. informal short for handcuffs: See handcuff (def. 2)

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How to use cuffs in a sentence

  • There are no chains to my prison, no steel cuffs to gall the limbs, no guards to threaten and cow me.

  • Locked in his office, he is occupied from morning till evening in the manufacture of shirt-fronts, collars, and cuffs of paper.

    The Nabob | Alphonse Daudet
  • She dressed in simple lines and quiet tones, dark blues and black, with only a broad lace collar and cuffs in neat relief.

    The Woman Gives | Owen Johnson
  • Harvey glanced rather contemptuously at the lean, attenuated arm that the other displayed, where he had rolled his cuffs back.

    The Rival Campers Afloat | Ruel Perley Smith
  • I suppose I interrupted Scott at some critical performance, for he came to me with his coat-cuffs turned up and no wristbands on.