[ si-lee-nee-uhn ]

  1. of or relating to Mount Cyllene in Arcadia, Greece, or to the god Hermes, reputed to have been born there.

Origin of Cyllenian

1730–40; <Late Latin Cyllēni(us) (<Greek Kyllḗnios, equivalent to Kyllḗn(ē) + -ios-ious) + -an

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How to use Cyllenian in a sentence

  • For my part, I dread the strength that will be yours: there is no need you should keep growing long, Cyllenian, son of Maia!'

  • Here the Cyllenian, poised evenly on his wings, made a first stay; hence he shot himself sheer to the water.

  • As these words left his lips the Cyllenian, yet speaking, quitted mortal sight and vanished into thin air away out of his eyes.

  • So spake Cyllenian Argus-bane, and winked, with his wrapping on his arm: he p. 155did not cast it down.

    The Homeric Hymns | Andrew Lang