[ dag ]
/ dæg /


one of a series of decorative scallops or foliations along the edge of a garment, cloth, etc.
Scot. daglock.

verb (used with object), dagged, dag·ging.

to edge (a garment, cloth, etc.) with decorative scallops or the like.

Origin of dag

1350–1400; Middle English dagge < ?; compare Old French dague dagger
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British Dictionary definitions for dagging (1 of 2)

/ (dæɡ) /


short for daglock
rattle one's dags NZ informal to hurry up

verb dags, dagging or dagged

to cut the daglock away from (a sheep)

Derived forms of dag

dagger, noun

Word Origin for dag

C18: of obscure origin

British Dictionary definitions for dagging (2 of 2)

/ (dæɡ) /

noun Australian and NZ informal

a character; eccentric
a person who is untidily dressed
a person with a good sense of humour

Word Origin for dag

back formation from daggy
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