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[dair-ee-en, -uh n, dar-, dair-ee-en, dar-]
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  1. Gulf of, an arm of the Caribbean between NE Panama and NW Colombia.
  2. Isthmus of, former name of the Isthmus of Panama.
  3. a town in SW Connecticut.
  4. a city in NE Illinois.
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Spanish Da·rién [dah-ryen] /dɑˈryɛn/ (for defs 1, 2).
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  1. the E part of the Isthmus of Panama, between the Gulf of Darien on the Caribbean coast and the Gulf of San Miguel on the Pacific coast; chiefly within the republic of Panama but extending also into Colombia: site of a disastrous attempt to establish a Scottish colony in 1698
  2. Isthmus of Darien the former name of the Isthmus of Panama
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Spanish name: Darién (daˈrjen)
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