[ dahrt-moor, -mawr, -mohr ]

  1. a rocky plateau in SW England, in Devonshire. About 20 miles (30 km) long.

  2. a prison on this plateau.

  1. one of an English breed of sheep having coarse, long wool.

  2. one of an English breed of pony originating in Devon, noted for sure-footedness and longevity.

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How to use Dartmoor in a sentence

  • Cranmere Pool on Dartmoor is, we are told, a great penal settlement for refractory spirits.

    The Science of Fairy Tales | Edwin Sidney Hartland

British Dictionary definitions for Dartmoor


/ (ˈdɑːtˌmʊə) /

  1. a moorland plateau in SW England, in SW Devon: a national park since 1951. Area: 945 sq km (365 sq miles)

  2. a prison in SW England, on Dartmoor: England's main prison for long-term convicts

  1. a small strong breed of pony, originally from Dartmoor

  2. a hardy coarse-woolled breed of sheep originally from Dartmoor

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