[ def-i-keyt ]
/ ˈdɛf ɪˌkeɪt /

verb (used without object), def·e·cat·ed, def·e·cat·ing.

to void excrement from the bowels through the anus; have a bowel movement.
to become clear of dregs, impurities, etc.

verb (used with object), def·e·cat·ed, def·e·cat·ing.

to clear of dregs, impurities, etc.; purify; refine.

Origin of defecate

1565–75; < Latin dēfaecātus (past participle of dēfaecāre to cleanse, refine), equivalent to dē- de- + faec- (stem of faex dregs, sediment) + -ātus -ate1
Related formsdef·e·ca·tion, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for defecates



/ (ˈdɛfɪˌkeɪt) /


(intr) to discharge waste from the body through the anus
(tr) to clarify or remove impurities from (a solution, esp of sugar)
Derived Formsdefecation or defaecation, noundefecator or defaecator, noun

Word Origin for defecate

C16: from Latin dēfaecāre to cleanse from dregs, from de- + faex sediment, dregs
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Word Origin and History for defecates



1570s, "to purify," from Latin defaecatus, past participle of defaecare "cleanse from dregs, purify," from the phrase de faece "from dregs" (plural faeces; see feces). Excretory sense first recorded 1830 (defecation), American English, from French. Related: Defecated; defecating.

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Medicine definitions for defecates


[ dĕfĭ-kāt′ ]


To void feces from the bowels.
Related formsdef′e•cation n.
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