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[ def-i-key-shuhn ]


  1. an act or instance of voiding excrement from the bowels; bowel movement:

    For best results, the stool sample should be tested within half an hour of defecation.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of defecation1

First recorded in 1620–30, for an earlier sense; from Latin dēfaecātiōn-, stem of dēfaecātiō “a cleansing,” from dēfaecāre “to cleanse, refine”; defecate ( def ), -ion ( def )
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Example Sentences

In an interview, Paso High teacher Geoffrey Land called the defecation video, “an act of hate directed at the LGBTQ community,” adding, “And a lot of students felt it, you know, felt that attack very acutely.”

Two potentially upsetting effects to warn children about are that the pet’s eyes might stay open, and that sometimes the muscle relaxation leads to urination or defecation.

It cites an email from last May that also adds defecation into the mix.

Vegetable infusions and decoctions may be cleared by defecation followed by filtration.

The traditional connection between defecation and writing was another comparison apparent to the commentators.

When the desire for defecation comes, we are too busy and postpone it until some more convenient time, which time may be too late.

In summer I would go into the woods, undress myself in a secluded spot and indulge in the voluptuous pleasures of defecation.

To observe defecation would still further increase this peculiar enjoyment.