verb (used with object), de·plet·ed, de·plet·ing.

to decrease seriously or exhaust the abundance or supply of: The fire had depleted the game in the forest. Extravagant spending soon depleted his funds.

Origin of deplete

1800–10; < Latin dēplētus empty (past participle of dēplēre to empty out), equivalent to dē- de- + plē(re) to fill + -tus past participle suffix
Related formsde·plet·a·ble, adjectivede·ple·tion, nounde·ple·tive, de·ple·to·ry [dih-plee-tuh-ree] /dɪˈpli tə ri/, adjectivenon·de·plet·a·ble, adjectivenon·de·ple·tion, nounnon·de·ple·tive, adjectivenon·de·ple·to·ry, adjectivepre·de·plete, verb (used with object), pre·de·plet·ed, pre·de·plet·ing.pre·de·ple·tion, nounun·de·plet·ed, adjective

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deficiency, reduction

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verb (tr)

to use up (supplies, money, energy, etc); reduce or exhaust
to empty entirely or partially
med to empty or reduce the fluid contents of (an organ or vessel)
Derived Formsdepletable, adjectivedepletion, noundepletive or depletory, adjective

Word Origin for deplete

C19: from Latin dēplēre to empty out, from de- + plēre to fill
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Word Origin and History for depletion

1650s, from Late Latin depletionem (nominative depletio) "blood-letting," noun of action from past participle stem of Latin deplere "to empty," literally "to un-fill," from de- "off, away" (see de-) + plere "to fill" (see pleio-).



1807, back-formation from depletion. Related: Depleted; depleting.

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depletion in Medicine




The act or process of depleting.
The state of being depleted; exhaustion.
Removal of or reduction in a body substance, such as blood, a fluid, or a nutrient.




To use up something, such as a nutrient.
To empty something out, as the body of electrolytes.
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