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verb (used with object), dinned, din·ning.
  1. to assail with din.
  2. to sound or utter with clamor or persistent repetition.
verb (used without object), dinned, din·ning.
  1. to make a din.

Origin of din

before 900; Middle English din(e) (noun), Old English dyne, dynn; cognate with Old Norse dynr ‘noise’, Old High German tuni, Sanskrit dhuni ‘roaring’

Synonyms for din

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1. uproar. See noise.
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Historical Examples of dinning

  • Everything in our cabin was rolling on the floor, clattering and dinning.

  • It broke on Clem's ears with the dinning of innumerable birds.

    Shining Ferry

    Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

  • That was what was dinning in her ears all the time Ella had been talking in the carriage.

    Phyllis of Philistia

    Frank Frankfort Moore

  • Repetition, dinning the divinities and wearying them into answering, is their theory.

    The Religious Sentiment

    Daniel G. Brinton

  • The slumberer is started from sleep by the dinning “How do ye do?”

    The Highlands of Ethiopia

    William Cornwallis Harris

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  1. a formerly used logarithmic expression of the speed of a photographic film, plate, etc, given as –10log 10 E, where E is the exposure of a point 0.1 density units above the fog level; high-speed films have high numbersCompare ISO rating
  2. a system of standard plugs, sockets, and cables formerly used for interconnecting domestic audio and video equipment

Word Origin for DIN

C20: from German D (eutsche) I (ndustrie) N (orm) German Industry Standard


  1. a loud discordant confused noise
verb dins, dinning or dinned
  1. (tr usually foll by into) to instil (into a person) by constant repetition
  2. (tr) to subject to a din
  3. (intr) to make a din

Word Origin for din

Old English dynn; compare Old Norse dynr, Old High German tuni


noun Judaism
  1. a particular religious law; the halacha about something
  2. the ruling of a Beth Din or religious court

Word Origin for din

from Hebrew, literally: judgment


  1. Islam religion in general, esp the beliefs and obligations of Islam

Word Origin for din

Arabic, related to dain debt
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Word Origin and History for dinning



Old English dyne (n.), dynian (v.), from Proto-Germanic *duniz (cf. Old Norse dynr, Danish don, Middle Low German don "noise"), from PIE root *dwen- "to make noise" (cf. Sanskrit dhuni "roaring, a torrent").

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