[ dis-kalst ]
/ dɪsˈkælst /


(chiefly of members of certain religious orders) without shoes; unshod; barefoot.
Also dis·cal·ce·ate [dis-kal-see-it, -eyt] /dɪsˈkæl si ɪt, -ˌeɪt/.
Compare calced.

Origin of discalced

1625–35; part translation of Latin discalceātus, equivalent to dis- dis-1 + calceātus, past participle of calceāre to fit with shoes (calce(us) a shoe, derivative of calc- (stem of calx) heel + -ātus -ate1)
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British Dictionary definitions for discalced

/ (dɪsˈkælst) /


barefooted: used to denote friars and nuns who wear sandals

Word Origin for discalced

C17: from Latin discalceātus, from dis- 1 + calceātus shod, from calceāre to provide with shoes, from calceus shoe, from calx heel
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