[ dih-skreet ]
/ dɪˈskrit /


apart or detached from others; separate; distinct: six discrete parts.
consisting of or characterized by distinct or individual parts; discontinuous.
  1. (of a topology or topological space) having the property that every subset is an open set.
  2. defined only for an isolated set of points: a discrete variable.
  3. using only arithmetic and algebra; not involving calculus: discrete methods.

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Origin of discrete

1350–1400; Middle English < Latin discrētus separated; see discreet

Related formsdis·crete·ly, adverbdis·crete·ness, noun

Can be confuseddiscreet discrete

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British Dictionary definitions for discreteness


/ (dɪsˈkriːt) /


separate or distinct in form or concept
consisting of distinct or separate parts
  1. (of a variable) having consecutive values that are not infinitesimally close, so that its analysis requires summation rather than integration
  2. (of a distribution) relating to a discrete variableCompare continuous (def. 4)
Derived Formsdiscretely, adverbdiscreteness, noun

Word Origin for discrete

C14: from Latin discrētus separated, set apart; see discreet


Avoid confusion with discreet

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Word Origin and History for discreteness



late 14c., see discreet. Related: Discretely.

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Medicine definitions for discreteness


[ dĭ-skrēt ]


Not joined to or incorporated with another; separate; distinct.

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