do, doing

In addition to the idioms beginning with do

, also see

  • can do with
  • can't do anything with
  • do you read me?
  • hard way (do it the)
  • have no business doing
  • have nothing to do with
  • have to do with
  • how do you do
  • lead one to (do)
  • left hand doesn't know what right hand is doing
  • make do
  • no can do
  • nothing doing
  • take doing
  • that will do
  • two wrongs do not make a right
  • up and about (doing)
  • what do you know
  • what's new (doing)

. Also see under doesdonedon't.

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How to use do, doing in a sentence

  • Bu-bu-bu-but wh-wh-what wo-wo-would th-th-the re-re-reb be-be-been do-do-doing; yo-yo-you in-in-infernal blockhead!

    A Boy Trooper With Sheridan | Stanton P. Allen