[ drag-uh-muhn ]
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noun,plural drag·o·mans, drag·o·men.
  1. (in the Middle East) a professional interpreter.

Origin of dragoman

First recorded in 1300–50; from French; replacing Middle English drogman “interpreter,” from Middle French drog (o )man, dragoman, from Medieval Greek drago (u )mános, from Semitic; compare Arabic tarjumān, Akkadian targumannu

Other words from dragoman

  • drag·o·man·ic [drag-uh-man-ik], /ˌdræg əˈmæn ɪk/, drag·o·man·ish, adjective

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How to use dragoman in a sentence

  • This she filled with a large retinue of dragomen, women, slaves, and Albanian guards.

  • Besides the doctors, there were interpreters and dragomen for the various expeditions in the field to whom wages were paid.

  • Dragomans, not dragomen, is the plural of dragoman, an Eastern interpreter.

  • Thus are people persecuted by dragomen, whose sole ambition in life is to get ahead of each other.

    The Innocents Abroad | Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
  • In the time of Chukri Bey they were kind, faithful dragomen who did their best to save us from being swindled in the bazaars.

British Dictionary definitions for dragoman


/ (ˈdræɡəʊmən) /

nounplural -mans or -men
  1. (in some Middle Eastern countries, esp formerly) a professional interpreter or guide

Origin of dragoman

C14: from French, from Italian dragomano, from Medieval Greek dragoumanos, from Arabic targumān an interpreter, from Aramaic tūrgemānā, of Akkadian origin

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