[ driz-uh l ]
/ ˈdrɪz əl /

verb (used without object), driz·zled, driz·zling.

to rain gently and steadily in fine drops; sprinkle: It drizzled throughout the night.
to fall in fine drops.

verb (used with object), driz·zled, driz·zling.

to pour in a fine stream: Drizzle melted butter over the breadcrumb topping.
to rain or let fall in fine drops or particles; sprinkle: He then drizzled grated cheese over the hot pasta.


a very light rain.
Meteorology. precipitation consisting of numerous minute droplets of water less than 1/50 (0.02) inch (0.5 mm) in diameter.

Origin of drizzle

1535–45; perhaps back formation from dryseling, dissimilated variant of Middle English drysning fall (of dew); akin to Old English drēosan to fall; cognate with Old Saxon driosan, Gothic driusan

Related forms

driz·zly, adverb
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British Dictionary definitions for drizzly


/ (ˈdrɪzəl) /


very light rain, specifically consisting of droplets less than 0.5 mm in diameter


(intr) to rain lightly
(tr) to moisten with tiny droplets

Derived Forms

drizzly, adjective

Word Origin for drizzle

Old English drēosan to fall; related to Old Saxon driosan, Gothic driusan, Norwegian drjōsa
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