[ drosh-kee ]
/ ˈdrɒʃ ki /

noun, plural drosh·kies.

a light, low, four-wheeled, open vehicle used mainly in Russia, in which the passengers sit astride or sideways on a long, narrow bench.
any of various other carriages, used mainly in Russia.

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Origin of droshky

1800–10; < Russian drózhki, orig. diminutive of drógi a long, bodyless wagon, plural (functioning as singular) of drogá one of the shafts joining the front and rear axles of a wagon

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drosky (ˈdrɒskɪ)

/ (ˈdrɒʃkɪ) /

noun plural -kies

an open four-wheeled horse-drawn passenger carriage, formerly used in Russia

Word Origin for droshky

C19: from Russian drozhki, diminutive of drogi a wagon, from droga shaft

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