1. the action of a bird of driving dust into its feathers, which may dislodge parasites

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How to use dust-bath in a sentence

  • This appears to be their only giddiness and frivolity, unless a dust-bath in the country road might be considered a dissipation.

    Bird Neighbors | Neltje Blanchan
  • The first function of the dust bath is to clean the feathers, and damp earth does this much better than earth that is very dry.

    Our Domestic Birds | John H. Robinson
  • No harm was done except to give Flyaway a dust-bath in her nice clean frock.

  • A dust bath for the hens will be appreciated in winter when the ground is frozen.

    Outdoor Sports and Games | Claude H. Miller
  • They use water to quench thirst, but when they are dirty they take a dust bath and are at once cleansed.

    The Crock of Gold | James Stephens