Dutchman's breeches

or Dutch·man's-breech·es

[ duhch-muhnz brich-iz ]

noun,plural Dutch·man's breech·es.
  1. a plant, Dicentra cucullaria, of the fumitory family, having long clusters of pale yellow, two-spurred flowers.

Origin of Dutchman's breeches

First recorded in 1830–40; so called from the shape of the flowers
  • Also called white heart, [wahyt-hahrt, hwahyt], /ˈwaɪt ˌhɑrt, ˈʰwaɪt/, white ear·drop [wahyt-eer-drop, hwahyt] /ˈwaɪt ˈɪər drɒp, ˈʰwaɪt/ .

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British Dictionary definitions for Dutchman's-breeches


  1. (functioning as singular) a North American plant, Dicentra cucullaria, with finely divided basal leaves and pink flowers: family Fumariaceae: Also called: colicweed

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