[ ee-goh-is-tik, eg-oh- ]
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  1. pertaining to or of the nature of egoism.

  2. being centered in or preoccupied with oneself and the gratification of one's own desires; self-centered (opposed to altruistic).

Origin of egoistic

First recorded in 1825–35; egoist + -ic
  • Also e·go·is·ti·cal .

Other words from egoistic

  • e·go·is·ti·cal·ly, adverb
  • an·ti·e·go·is·tic, adjective
  • an·ti·e·go·is·ti·cal, adjective
  • an·ti·e·go·is·ti·cal·ly, adverb
  • non·e·go·is·tic, adjective
  • non·e·go·is·ti·cal, adjective
  • non·e·go·is·ti·cal·ly, adverb
  • un·e·go·is·ti·cal, adjective
  • un·e·go·is·ti·cal·ly, adverb Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2024

How to use egoistic in a sentence

  • Egoistical and hard, he has lived up to the last for show, throwing out his chest in a bubble of vanity.

    The Nabob | Alphonse Daudet
  • She had two natures—the one egoistical and calculating, the other all heart and passionate tenderness.

    The Duel | A. I. Kuprin
  • "My cup is small, but I drink out of my cup," said the egoistical poet of an avaricious people.

    Tragic Sense Of Life | Miguel de Unamuno
  • They are self-opinionated and egoistical, with a conceit and assurance out of all proportion to their abilities.

  • The latter affords the purest examples of an unalterable tenderness, in no way disturbed by egoistical considerations.