abbreviation for
  1. equine infectious anaemia

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How to use EIA in a sentence

  • Shi mergina c'a lipit de unul din lkuitoriĭ criĭ ac'EIA: si 'l a trimis pre el la earinide sale c pask porc'iĭ.

    A Handbook of the English Language | Robert Gordon Latham
  • There she sat, caressing the woollen bundle, and in a low voice singing her "EIA Popeia" to the child of her fantasy.

  • Aloha ino oe, EIA ihonei paha oe e make ai, he ai mainei Pele, Compassion great to you!

  • St. EIA was a little town where visitors often came, and thus he would be able to do his work unhindered and unsuspected.

    The Passion for Life | Joseph Hocking