[ em-bahm ]
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verb (used with object)
  1. to treat (a dead body) so as to preserve it, as with chemicals, drugs, or balsams.

  2. to preserve from oblivion; keep in memory: his deeds embalmed in the hearts of his disciples.

  1. to cause to remain unchanged; prevent the development of.

  2. to impart a balmy fragrance to.

Origin of embalm

1300–50; Middle English embalmen, embaumen<Old French emba(u)smer, equivalent to em-em-1 + -ba(u)smer, verbal derivative of ba(u)smebalm

Other words from embalm

  • em·balm·er, noun
  • em·balm·ment, noun
  • un·em·balmed, adjective

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How to use embalm in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for embalm


/ (ɪmˈbɑːm) /

  1. to treat (a dead body) with preservatives, as by injecting formaldehyde into the blood vessels, to retard putrefaction

  2. to preserve or cherish the memory of

  1. poetic to give a sweet fragrance to

Origin of embalm

C13: from Old French embaumer; see balm

Derived forms of embalm

  • embalmer, noun
  • embalmment, noun

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