[ ih-moht ]
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verb (used without object),e·mot·ed, e·mot·ing.
  1. to show or pretend emotion: to emote over the beauties of nature.

  2. to portray emotion in acting, especially exaggeratedly or ineptly; behave theatrically: The actress emoted for all she was worth.

  1. Digital Technology. (in an online chat or video game) to give a conventionalized descriptive account of an action or emotion or prompt one’s in-game avatar to perform an animated action or emotion using a command or code: To emote, type a forward slash and one of the commands from the list in chat.

nounDigital Technology.
    • (in an online chat or video game) a typed command or code that is translated into a descriptive account of an action or emotion, or that causes one’s in-game avatar to perform an action or emotion: Standard emotes in online video games allow you to cheer, greet, and thank other characters.

    • (in a video game) the animation that is performed when such a code is entered: The first thing I do in a new game is check out my character’s dance emote.

  1. (in an online chat) a posted image, especially on the Twitch streaming video channel, that has a fixed but nontransparent meaning in the video gaming community: Classic emotes feature popular streamers making faces.

Origin of emote

An Americanism first recorded in 1915–20; Americanism; back formation from emotion

Other words from emote

  • e·mot·er, noun
  • o·ver·e·mote, verb (used without object), o·ver·e·mot·ed, o·ver·e·mot·ing.

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British Dictionary definitions for emote


/ (ɪˈməʊt) /

  1. (intr) to display exaggerated emotion, as in acting; behave theatrically

Origin of emote

C20: back formation from emotion

Derived forms of emote

  • emoter, noun

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