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[ en-sik-li-kuh l, -sahy-kli- ]
/ ɛnˈsɪk lɪ kəl, -ˈsaɪ klɪ- /


Roman Catholic Church. a letter addressed by the pope to all the bishops of the church.


(of a letter) intended for wide or general circulation; general.

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Also en·cyc·lic.

Origin of encyclical

1610–20; < Late Latin encyclicus (< Greek enkýklios, with -icus -ic for -ios, equivalent to en- en-2 + kýkl(os) circle, cycle + -ios adj. suffix) + -al1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for encyclical


/ (ɛnˈsɪklɪkəl) /


a letter sent by the pope to all Roman Catholic bishops throughout the world

adjective Also: encyclic

(of letters) intended for general or wide circulation

Word Origin for encyclical

C17: from Late Latin encyclicus, from Greek enkuklios general, from kuklos circle
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Word Origin and History for encyclical



in reference to a letter sent by the Pope to all the bishops, 1640s, from Late Latin encyclicus, from Latin encyclius, from Greek enkyklios "in a circle, circular" (see encyclopedia). As a noun, from 1837.

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Culture definitions for encyclical


[ (en-sik-li-kuhl) ]

A letter from the pope to the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, in which he lays down policy on religious, moral, or political issues.

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