[enz, ens]
noun, plural en·ti·a [en-shee-uh, -tee-uh] /ˈɛn ʃi ə, -ti ə/, Metaphysics.
  1. an existing or real thing; an entity.

Origin of ens

< Latin ēns, present participle of esse to be


  1. the letter N, n.
  2. Also called nut. Printing. half of the width of an em.
  1. Printing. having the area of an en quad or the length of an en: en quad; en dash.

Origin of en

First recorded in 1785–95


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noun plural entia (ˈɛnʃɪə) metaphysics
  1. being or existence in the most general abstract sense
  2. a real thing, esp as opposed to an attribute; entity

Word Origin for ens

C16: from Late Latin, literally: being, from Latin esse to be


abbreviation for (in Britain)
  1. enrolled nurse
  2. English Nature


abbreviation for
  1. Ensign


  1. printing a unit of measurement, half the width of an emAlso called: nut See also ennage
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