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verb (used with object),en·thralled, en·thral·ling.

Other words from enthral

  • en·thral·ment, noun

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How to use enthral in a sentence

  • He defied the earth-magic, defied those sylvan deities who as he divined, sought to enthral him.

  • All night long he was sending messages directing the plan of battle the news of which was to enthral the civilized world.

    Drake, Nelson and Napoleon | Walter Runciman
  • For my part, I think the Indians would be perfectly right to emancipate themselves from the galling chains which enthral them.

    Manco, the Peruvian Chief | W.H.G. Kingston
  • Already her peace reigns o'er hill and hall, her rapturous awe the heart does enthral; allow then the light to fall!

    Tristan and Isolda | Richard Wagner
  • London women are very hard to beat in the little things which captivate and enthral.

    John Brown | Captain R. W. Campbell

British Dictionary definitions for enthral


US enthrall

/ (ɪnˈθrɔːl) /

verb-thrals or US -thralls, -thralling or -thralled (tr)
  1. to hold spellbound; enchant; captivate

  2. obsolete to hold as thrall; enslave

Origin of enthral

C16: from en- 1 + thrall

Derived forms of enthral

  • enthraller, noun
  • enthralment or US enthrallment, noun

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