[ en-treyn-muhnt ]
/ ɛnˈtreɪn mənt /
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the act or fact of trapping bubbles in a liquid:A notorious problem in some ink-jet printing systems is the entrainment of tiny air bubbles in the ink during operation.
the act or fact of being drawn into a current or flow:Fish screens have proven reliable at preventing fish entrainment into watercourses diverted for agricultural use.
the synchronization of different rhythmic cycles that interact with each other:In individuals with sleep-wake disorder, continued treatment with medication was required to maintain entrainment of the circadian rhythms of melatonin and cortisol in the body.
Chemistry. the carrying along of a substance in a moving fluid, as drops of liquid in a vapor during evaporation or distillation:The research studies the physical processes determining droplet entrainment in turbulent gas flow over a liquid layer in pipes and channels.
Meteorology. the transfer of air from the surrounding atmosphere into an organized air current:During a hurricane the temperatures in the upper atmosphere depend partly on the entrainment of drier or cooler air from outside the vortex.



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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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