[ih-fee-buh s]

noun, plural e·phe·bi [ih-fee-bahy] /ɪˈfi baɪ/.

a youth of ancient Greece just entering manhood or commencing training for full Athenian citizenship.

Origin of ephebus

From Latin; see origin at ephebe
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Historical Examples of ephebi

  • He could venture to do this; he knew the Ephebi—there was no traitor in their ranks.

  • The Ephebi had behaved treacherously by taking sides with their foe.

  • A little band of Ephebi were pacing to and fro before the house.

  • The Ephebi of Alexandria must make her feel the power of youth.

  • Yet they must wait a little longer; for Caesarion had joined the Ephebi, and Antyllus had been invested with the toga virilis.